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FUJIWARA Toshiyoshi


Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences





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Gastroenterological Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Gene Theuapy

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  • Subject:Minimally Invasive Gastroenterological Surgery


  • Subject:Molecular therapy and Gene Therapy for Caucer


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  • Subject:A simple biological imaging system for detecting viable human circulating tumor cells


    Kind of Publishing:Academic Journal

    Journal name:J Clin Invest , vol.119 (p.3172 - 3181)

    Publish date:2009.10

    Author:Kojima T , Hashimoto, Y, Watanabe, Y, Kagawa, S, Uno, F, Kuroda, S, Tazawa, H, Kyo, S, Mizuguchi, H, Urata, Y, Tanaka, N, Fujiwara, T

    Co-writerThe multiple authorship

  • Subject:In vivo imaging of lymph node metastasis with telomerase-specific replication-selective adenovirus.


    Kind of Publishing:

    Journal name:Nature Medicine

    Publish date:2006.10

    Author:Kishimoto, H., Kojima, T., Watanabe, Y., Kagawa, S., Fujiwara, T., Uno, F., Teraishi, F., Kyo, S., Mizuguchi, H., Urata, Y., Tanaka, N., *Fujiwara, T.

    Co-writerThe multiple authorship

  • Subject:Multicenter phase I study of repeated intratumoral delivery of adenoviral p53 (ADVEXIN) in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer.


    Kind of Publishing:

    Journal name:Journal of Clinical Oncology

    Publish date:2006.04

    Author:*Fujiwara, T., Tanaka, N., Kanazawa, S., Ohtani, S., Saijo, Y., Nukiwa, T., Yoshimura, K., Sato, T., Eto, Y., Chada, S., Nakamura, H., Kato, H.

    Co-writerThe multiple authorship

  • Subject:Visualized Evaluation of Blood Flow to the Gastric Conduit and Complications in Esophageal Reconstruction


    Kind of Publishing:

    Journal name:J Am Coll Surg , vol.226 (3) (p.241 - 251)

    Publish date:2018.03

    Author:Noma K, Shirakawa Y, Kanaya N, Okada T, Maeda N, Ninomiya T, Tanabe S, Sakurama K, Fujiwara T

    Co-writerThe multiple authorship

  • Subject:A multi-institution phase II study of docetaxel and S-1 in combination with trastuzumab for HER2-positive advanced gastric cancer (DASH study)


    Kind of Publishing:

    Journal name:Cancer Chemother Pharmacol , vol.81 (2) (p.387 - 392)

    Publish date:2018.02

    Author:Kagawa S, Muraoka A, Kambara T, Nakayama H, Hamano R, Tanaka N, Noma K, Tanakaya K, Kishimoto H, Shigeyasu K, Kuroda S, Kikuchi S, Kuwada K, Nishizaki M, Shirakawa Y, Fujiwara T

    Co-writerThe multiple authorship

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